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Optimizing Healthcare Performance

Through End-to-End Actuarial Consulting Solutions

Create solutions your sales force can understand and sell.

Healthcare analysis is complex and communicating it is even harder. Blue Raven's customized analysis and tools are intuitive and create value for your customers and internal partners. 

Health Analytics Modernization

Whether you're heavily reliant on Microsoft Excel, or ready to move to cloud-based visualization tools, we can support evolved use of your data.

Customized Reporting and Insights

We specialize in data analytics, visualization, and insights. 

Outsourced Actuarial Projections and Analysis

Blue Raven handles recurring or ad hoc analysis that monopolizes your teams' time. We automate and improve.

A Personal Customer Experience

We love the work we do, and we're here to help! We would love the opportunity to prove our dedication and responsiveness to you.

BLUE RAVEN actuarial

Untapped data.
Unrecognized potential.
Unlimited insight.

We recognize important challenges in the healthcare industry. Most healthcare businesses have teams of people that can handle data and technology, or teams of people with clinical or actuarial expertise. It's rare to have people who specialize in both.

Those gaps can be bridged with Blue Raven, and when that happens, your value grows.

Blue Raven links data with insights, processes with technology, and tools with actionable solutions. Our job is to make sure your data provides tangible value.

A Creative Approach that is Fact-Based and Flexible


We work quickly and aren't afraid of change


We're only going to create something for you that we'd want to use ourselves.


Our tools feel good to use, and won't bore your customers


We don't do templates. Your project is unique to you.


Surprise and delight your clients with tools they will enjoy.

Innovate, Create, and
Differentiate with Blue Raven

The healthcare industry is highly complex, no matter where your business fits into it. Partner with seasoned actuarial experts in the industry and gain perspective and clarity.

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