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Consulting for Brokers

We perform actuarial services and build tools that will save you time, generate new revenue, and delight your clients.

Benchmarking Surveys and Studies

Providing valuable benchmarking data to your clients is no longer optional; it's a must-have. Having your benchmarking offerings play to your strengths is critical. We build tools that help automate the benchmark reporting process to scale to your business needs.


Plan Design and Employee Payroll Deduction Strategies

Having an actuary on your side when developing a new plan design or payroll deduction strategy has immeasurable benefits. We have easy-to-understand tools that can make even the trickiest of employer plan designs easy to modify and model.


IBNR Liabilities and Accrual Rate Adequacy

Your clients don't want to put the financial strength of their health insurance plans at risk. That's why they value having an actuary on their team. 


Clinical Data Analysis and Reporting

There's a problem with the clinical data you have access to: volume, velocity, and variety. There's too much, being updated too quickly, and looking too wildly different from reporting period to reporting period. That's why you need an actuary experienced in healthcare data automation to find and extract value using tools and algorithms, instead of manual work effort. 

Let's Work Together

Send us a message at today to find out how adding actuarial resources can boost your revenue and productivity.

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